Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks for great football memories Sir Bobby...

Sir Bobby Robson loss his battle against cancer today... he was 76.

One of the football legends... he is in my opinion... one of the best British manager in modern times. Took Ipswich to win the UEFA cup in '81... could win the World Cup with England if not for Maradona's Hand of God goal (1986)(how the hell the referee didn't saw the hand ball while the whole stadium saw it... I don't know) and Stuart Pearce penalty kick miss (1990).

He had great success managing European clubs... PSV... Sporting Lisbon... FC Porto... Barcelona... won loads of titles for them. Keen eye for talents... Ronaldo... Figo... Guardiola... Ruud Van Nistelrooy... to name a few. Heck if it were not for him we would not have Jose Mourinho... Mourinho got his break in coaching from Sir Bobby starting from Sporting Lisbon and followed him through Porto and Barcelona.

His departure from managing Newcastle United was the starting point of Newcastle's downfall. He is truly UK's only successful manager outside the UK... do you here any English man successfully manage a European team now days?

More about Sir Bobby here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Rest in peace Sir Bobby... and thanks for memories...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

President Obama thoughts of being a father...

I read this on and I like to share it with you guys. Its President Obama's thoughts on what it meant to be a father. Good advice...

The President's thoughts on...

On the pressure to be perfect.
...I've made mistakes as a parent, and I'm sure I will make plenty more. There have been days when the demands of work have taken me from my duties as a father and I’ve missed some moments in my daughters’ lives that I’ll never get back. So I’ve been far from perfect.

But in the end, it’s not about being perfect. It’s not always about succeeding; but it’s about always trying. And that's something everybody can do. It’s about showing up and sticking with it; and going back at it when you mess up; and letting your kids know -- not just with words, but with deeds -- that you love them and that you're always -- they're always your first priority.
On the influence a father has.
A lot of folks know I love playing basketball. But it was my father who gave me my first basketball. Even though he wasn't a part of my life, in the few weeks that I was with him, he gave me a basketball...A lot of folks know I love jazz. It turns out he took me to my first jazz concert. I didn't remember this until later on in life, but just that imprint is powerful. And imagine if that's sustained every day. And especially, young men, when they hit the teenage years, to have somebody there who is there to steady them and to provide them with some guidance, that makes all the difference in the world.
On the sacrifices fathers make.
And what it does mean is, is that fathers sometimes have to give up stuff that they'd like to do instead, like just sit there and watch Sportscenter....I like watching the highlights -- but sometimes instead of watching the third, fourth, fifth time Sportscenter, I just watch it once so that I can then spend time with the girls -- because they don't like watching basketball that much.[Being a father] isn't an obligation. This is a privilege to be a father.
On gaining your kids' respect.
...You can't use anything as an excuse not to be involved with your children. Because kids -- they won't judge you based on whether you're wealthy or poor. They will judge you if you are abusive to their mother. They will judge you in terms of you not showing up when they need you. That's what makes a difference. And kids will respect their fathers if their fathers are showing kindness and are modeling -- that they're working hard and trying to do what's right for their families.
On balancing work and family and deciding to run for President.
...This was a joint decision -- was could our family handle it? And frankly, if it hadn't been for Michelle's extraordinary strength and commitment, I could not have done it and would not have done it. Now, I want to emphasize we are luckier than most; we've got more resources than most...but it was still a very difficult decision.

The person who suffered the most was me, because I would be calling from God knows where and they'd be having fun and laughing and kids don't talk on the phone that well. So I'd be, "Sasha, how was your day?" "Fine." "What did you do?" "Nothing." You guys have had those conversations.
On getting the skills you need and making a difference.
I’ve made my share of mistakes; I've had to ask a lot of questions.But I've also learned from men that I admire.

And we need dads -- but also men who aren’t dads -- to make this kind of commitment not just in their own homes to their own families, but to the many young people out there who aren’t lucky enough to have responsible adults in their lives. We need committed, compassionate men to serve as mentors and tutors, and big brothers and foster parents. Even if it’s just for a couple hours a week of shooting hoops, or helping with homework, or just talking about what’s going on in that young person's life. Even the smallest moments can end up having an enormous impact, a lasting impact on a child’s life.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Man on the Moon...

Today is the 40th anniversary of man first setting foot on the Moon. A truly historic event where the cold wars were fought not by killing people but fought in a race to reach the moon first. The show of might through the display of knowledge... something the superpower seems to forget now days.

The phrase 'One small step for man... one giant leap for mankind' still sounds catchy after 40 years. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins... I salute you. You guys inspire a whole lot of people including me...

Twenty things you didn't know about the Lunar landing...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Malaysia 2 Manchester United 3...

Manchester United won their first match in their Far East tour. But they nearly held to a draw by the Malaysian side if not for Michael Owen to save United with a late winner. Good for Malaysia... and congratulations for Amri Yahya who scored the two goals for Malaysia. Mind you that Malaysia only field two fully international for this match. Hopefully the team gained valuable experience and become a team that we can be proud of just like the old days...

More of the match here.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Malaysians buying Newcastle United..?

Update 04.07.09: The Malaysian was revealed as Ananda Krishnan... banyak tul duit mamat ni... read it here.


Just read in about a Malaysian consortium interested in buying Newcastle United Football Club. Read it here.

A good buy..? I think so... the Geordies are very passionate about their football club and if managed well, it is a profitable investment. Currently they are in the Championship after been relegated from the Premiership but I think they will bounce back (if they don't repeat the mistakes and mismanagement they make like last season). Bring back Kevin Keegan... hehehe.

On other note... Man United are currently on top to sign Michael Owen! Owen who is a free agent after deciding not to extend his contract with Newcastle, is currently in Man Utd training ground and undergoing a full medical check up. Man Utd were trying to sign a top striker after the departure of Carlos Teves but efforts to land Karim Benzema or David Villa were to no avail. Guess Sir Alex are keeping his cash in his pocket and going for free... excellent... I think Michael Owen still got his scoring fire power... its only injuries that have kept him out from playing. So... if he manage to keep fit... he is sure going to be a hugh asset for Man Utd. Hopefully Giggs could give Owen some tips on getting fit...