Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir... Millionaire in a month!

Tun Dr. Mahathir's blog was started on 1st MAY 2008. On its 30th day... it has received over 1 million hits!!! :o One for the record books? Tabik Tun... a truely remarkable achievement. In his latest entry, he is campaigning to make war a punishable crime (read The Criminalisation of War).

Wish my blog received as much hits as yours... huhu :c Currently 0.02% of Tun's and climbing... hopefully :y

Run MP... Run... (in Parliment)

Even Pak Lah was running. Well at least for a long time he wasn't late... Najib arrived 5 minutes later than him ;)
For whom the bell tolls (taken from The Star)

PANIC reigned in the Parliament lobby as the bell rang – for the first time in a long while – at 11.45am.

Ministers and other MPs rushed into the Dewan when quorum was called for a block voting.

Some Opposition MPs, who had been talking to the press in the lobby, also quickly made their way in.

Jaws dropped as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, accompanied by his retinue of bodyguards, strode quickly from his office in the Parliament tower towards the Dewan.

He was followed by his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak about five minutes later.

The block voting, on an item in the Supplementary Supply Bill, saw it being passed at 92 votes with 60 against. One person did not vote.

Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said he was in Dewan Negara waiting for a question on his portfolio to be fielded when he heard the bell.

“I had to rush out. I have to divide my time between the two Houses and I have overlapping duties. The Opposition should not do this,” he said.

At the Parliament lobby, PKR chief whip Azmin Ali said the voting was a moral victory for the Opposition.

“It is the first time you see the Prime Minister running into the Dewan,” said Azmin, adding that there were only about 10 Barisan MPs in the Dewan when the block voting was called.
I am pissed :@ Serves them right... you think you can skip from your duties. When you are suppose to vote, sit your ass there and vote... don't la ponteng. Nampak sangat masa sekolah selalu ponteng!!! More about the incident below (taken from The Star).
Barisan MPs rush into Dewan

BARISAN Nasional MPs, including the Prime Minister and his deputy, rushed into the Dewan to vote on an item under the Supplementary Supply (2007) Bill 2008 when the Chair called for block voting to replace the usual method – by voice.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah had wound up the debate on allocations for statutory funds under the Bill when Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar called for a voice vote to approve the allocation.

When Wan Junaidi held that the allocation was approved, several Opposition MPs stood to complain that the voices of those who rejected the item were louder than those who agreed.

“It doesn’t matter if there are louder voices or not. We cannot accept this result,” Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR – Ampang) said.

Tian Chua (PKR – Batu) agreed, saying that there was hardly any difference in the voices.

Wan Junaidi replied that a voice vote was acceptable in Parliament and that there was no need for further debate on the matter.

However, the Opposition MPs, who were still unhappy, urged Wan Junaidi to make a ruling.

The Deputy Speaker then said that at least 15 MPs must be in the Dewan to support the move for a division of votes, to which more than 20 Opposition MPs stood up.

The bell then rang and MPs rushed into the Chambers. The counting of votes was then called.

Minister in charge of parliamentary affairs Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz was seen outside calling the Barisan MPs, who were in the lobby, to enter the House.

After Wan Junaidi closed the counting process, Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein walked in with his briefcase amid shouts from the Opposition MPs, booing him with remarks of “sudah tutup” (voting closed) while the votes were being tallied.

Wan Junaidi then announced that the number of those who agreed to pass part of the Bill was 92 votes while 60 disagreed. There was one abstention.
I applaud the Opposition MP's. Let's get the Government MP on their toes. Funny enough... I saw Hishammuddin in the news saying the government is strong and this tactic by the Opposition will not work... bla bla bla. Yeah... yeah... you are still late though... so shut it :@ . Bloody hell... please show some good example... for crying out loud, you are the Education Minister. Students... don't follow him... suka ponteng.

Ezam's back in UMNO...

That is the big political news carried by Malaysian newspapers today. You can read the news by The Star here. Don't want to comment on the news much. Don't care anyway whether he is in UMNO member or not... that is not big news. Tun Mahathir is not an UMNO member... now that is news ;) . What I want to comment is the picture displayed... (picture courtesy of The Star).Now it always bugs me... I am talking about the people surrounding Ezam and Pak Lah. I always see this in Malaysia. When something important happens... either announcements by a leader or handing out applications to join BN components... there always will be what I call 'Pak Pacak' surrounding the main players. Who are these jokers?

You all desperate want to be in the papers eh? I always think people at the back there are the ass kissers or 'tukang kipas' in Malay. Its like announcing to the whole world... "Hi... I am this guy ass kisser". See how many can fit the tiny space behind? Unbelievable... :o .

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Man United... Double CHAMPIONS!!

Done it again!!! After a long wait... Manchester United wins the Champions League!!! 50 years after the Munich disaster... 9 years after their second Champions League win... they have done it!!! It all came down to penalties... it was nerve racking with Ronaldo missing a penalty... of all the players :o . Thing went brighter when John Terry missed also and United finally seal it when Anelka missed. Sorry Chelsea... your are second best this season... :p Giggs is in the record books... 579 appearances for United... a record than can be proud of... a loyal servant for United.

For Sir Alex, this is his second Champions League Cup... sure there will be more to come. He was so proud of his 'Moscow Marvels'.
“It was such an emotional occasion. I said the day before the game we would not let the memory of the Busby Babes down. We had a cause and people with causes become difficult people to play against. I think fate was playing its hand in the final, even for John Terry slipping over [during the penalty shoot-out].

"Edwin [van der Sar] saving Nicolas Anelka's penalty was not an accident. He knew where certain players were putting the ball, so great credit to him. When it came to the last penalty he used his experience to wait that fraction.

"This was my first victory in penalty shoot-outs, apart from Charity Shields. I lost three with Aberdeen and three with United so it was seventh time lucky!

“I feel very, very proud. With our history, we deserved to get this trophy. But the euphoria evaporates quickly - tomorrow, I’ll be thinking about next season.

"When you win something like this you have to look at the players the following year and make sure the hunger is still there. But the young players who enjoy an experience like they did here will want to do it again. Defending the trophy is not easy but I hope we can do it, the players here are good enough."
Here are some quotes from the players. For some players it was the first time, for others it was the second occasion... for all, winning the European Cup is a magical moment.

Cristiano Ronaldo
"We showed this season that we are the best team in Europe and in England and it’s a great feeling. Next season we will try to do the same. I feel very proud. It means everything to me - it is the happiest day of my life."

Nemanja Vidic
"The game against Manchester City [which marked the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash] was very disappointing. But I think we made up for it in Moscow and by winning the league. We gave the fans what they wanted."

Ryan Giggs
"Well, maybe it’s fate. It’s 50 years since the Busby Babes died at Munich, 40 years from first winning it in 1968. That might be it... fate."

Edwin van der Sar
"Of course, nights like this are what you dream of. It’s been 13 years – a long time – since I last won the competition and it feels fantastic, especially in the way we won it. Saving the last penalty... I don't have any words for it. What can I say? It's great."

Rio Ferdinand
"I said before the game that you’re only really considered a great player at this club when you win the Champions League. A lot of top players have played for United, but becoming a European champion sets you apart from others."

Wayne Rooney
"I hope we can win it again. Doing it this year has given us a taste for it and we want to do well again next season. We’ve got some great young players in the squad mixed with experience, so hopefully we can do well again."

Michael Carrick
"When you take a penalty you’ve got to have the belief in yourself that you’re going to score and obviously hope for the best! You know there is always someone who’s going to have to miss and you pray it’s not you."

Carlos Tevez
"It has been a long time since I felt like this - it's a huge emotion in my heart. When I was a child, I never thought I would be now lifting the cup, but dreams usually come true and I am very, very happy."

Perfect closing for the season... the best Manchester United team under Sir Alex. Third Champions League title. Champions of the Premier League... Champions of Europe! I am ecstatic... I am going to work... mamak..! Kopi takde gula satu! Got to stay awake... got meeting this morning... hahaha. This is the best day of my life (after my wedding day and the birth of my kids of course ;) ).

Glory... Glory... Man United... Double CHAMPION!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir quits UMNO

This is big news... Tun Dr. Mahathir (TDM) has drop a bombshell. He has call it quits and urge other members to do the same as a signal for Pak Lah to resign. Read here. But he adds that whoever quits to not join other party and wait until there is a leadership change... in other words Pak Lah... Undur Lah!

It is known that every ex-President of UMNO dies out side of UMNO... will TDM be the same? Time will tell. Looking at history... UMNO will stand by their president no matter what... not even their ex-president can rock the boat. They are like a bunch of Lemmings. The question is... will they follow their leader to their doom or to the promise land?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pay your Zakat

I have paid zakat through salary deduction since I started work. That is why I never pay tax as zakat is in lieu of income tax. The reason is simple. It is obligatory for me as a Muslim to pay zakat. And since I want my money to go where it is suppose to go i.e. to the needy and the unfortunate... this is the right thing to do. In this day and age, I don't really feel confident that the tax I pay will go to where it suppose to go... there are too many misuse of our tax money in the present government... so... the present government ain't getting my money.

With zakat money... I feel it will go for good use... hey... Allah have spoken... who ever misused the zakat money... then prepare to feel Allah's wrath. Don't think they will go that far to misuse the money but if they do... may God have mercy on their souls :@

Why am I writing this? It is because of PAY YOUR ZAKAT IN THE FIVE PAKATAN RAKYAT STATES campaign. Read it here. Don't really agree with some of the ideas especially paying zakat to only Pakatan Rakyat states (what about people from other states who are eligible to receive zakat money?). Just do this for Allah... InsyaAllah the money will be well spent... who ever misused it... apa lagi... kita tuntut kat akhirat la... apa susah :D

Man Utd Champions... Moscow, here we come!!!

Man United are Premier League Champions!!! All the drama... final match of the season.. Chealsea breathing down our necks but finally... No goal difference result. They had a draw against Bolton (1-1) while Man United won comfortably against Wigan away (0-2). It has been a great season... and when Giggs scored (yes... he scored!!!) and lifted the cup for his 10th time and equalizing Bobby Charlton's record of 758 appearances for the Red Devils... the feeling was fantastic. We deserve it... and won it fair and square!!!

Here are some quotes on the fabulous day itself... (I got it emailed from Red View by


Sir Alex Ferguson is delighted after landing his 10th Barclays Premier League title as United boss. This is what he said in his first post-match interview at Wigan:

Was this the toughest title race so far?
“It was a tough one all right and being away from home made it more difficult. In fairness for most of the game we played well. There were some nervous moments and then the rain came, anything can happen on a rainy surface. Just after half-time we started to get a grip of it. We missed a few chances and the goalkeeper made some great saves. I was saying to myself, “please give us that second goal.” Of course, my oldest player, ten medals today, gets it – Ryan Giggs. Fantastic."

How nervous were you when Chelsea went 1-0 up?
“There was a guy behind us who kept telling us it was 2-0 to Chelsea after one minute. You’ve got to try and dismiss all the stuff round about you, forget what was happening at Chelsea and concentrate on our own game. I think we did that."

What would you regard as the turning point in the title race?
"It ebbed and flowed a bit. Arsenal, for long periods, looked like they were going to win it. Then they dropped a few points after we knocked them out of the FA Cup and that told for them. We then dropped a few points at Blackburn and Middlesbrough and that allowed Chelsea to close right in. But the two points Chelsea dropped against Wigan probably won the title for us."

How does it feel to have won 10 titles?
"Fantastic. I’m very proud. Proud to have survived for so long. It’s a great club and it’s much easier for me than it is for anyone else. How would I do without this? Tell me."

What impact will winning the title have on the Champions League final?
"The great thing is we’re bouncing into the final. We can look forward to it. If we’d lost the title today, it would have been difficult. When we lost the title at West Ham in 1995, we lost the FA Cup final the following week. We were dead then. We’re not dead now, we’re alive. If we win the European Cup, this has to be my best team."


United's tenth Premier League title means so much to so many people. Here is a selection of quotes which capture the mood...

"It feels great. I'm not bothered about individual records, this is what it’s all about – championships." - Ryan Giggs

"This is my third title but it’s Giggsy’s tenth and that puts it into perspective. He keeps driving on every season and that’s an inspiration to all the lads." - Rio Ferdinand

“The pressure was high, but we believed in ourselves and we deserve to win the title, definitely." - Cristiano Ronaldo

"Alex Ferguson’s record is simply sensational. The man is a genius. And if there's anyone I would have liked to equal my record, it’s Ryan Giggs. He’s a credit to his family, the club, the game and himself." - Sir Bobby Charlton

"We knew that coming into the last two games, if we got six points we’d be champions. We could see the finish line. It was in our hands and we weren’t going to let it slip. We were so determined to retain the title." - Wayne Rooney

"I think [equalling Liverpool's] 18 titles will come. This side’s young. It’s developing all the time. It’s a good young team and there are plenty of years left in them. They’ll do it in their own time." - Sir Alex Ferguson

Champions League is in our grasp... Moscow... here we come!!! To all the non-Man United fans... hehehe :D ... tough. See ya next season... :p

Glory... Glory... Man United!!! We are the Champions!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hishamuddin Rais Guide to Sarcasm...

Sarcasm at the highest level... can't stop smiling... or rather :r. Please read 'Padan Muka Kamu Raja Petra!' here.

Hail RPK... the bravest blogger of them all. My Allah give you guidance and protection. And for you Hishamuddin Rais... keep on writing... really make my day today.

Ink down the drain... because of rumours... hahaha

No Evidance Ink Brought In

The police have not found any evidence that indelible ink was brought into the country from Thailand in the run-up to the last general election. (Well... we all kinda figure that out loooong time ago.)

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said in a written reply to Fong Po Kuan (DAP – Batu Gajah) that after studying the report that it had received and interviewing all the witnesses and complainant involved, the police found no such evidence.

“This is because not one witness has ever seen the ink. From their testimony, no individual, syndicate or certain parties have been identified to be involved in such activities. (Whoa :o really... so what did they saw..?)

The statements made by the complainant and the witnesses were thus rumours and no individual has been positively identified or known to be involved. (So... Ketua Pengarah SPR scrap the ink all because of rumours... :r. I remember he took the action based on the IGP's advice... hemmm... what is this... the IGP was being duped by rumour mongers..? This can be summarized into two words.... 'dumb asses'.)

“The investigation papers have been referred to the deputy prosecutor’s office on March 14. On March 31, the case was classified as ‘no further action’,” he said. (Last time I can recall... rumour mongers can be charged... what gives?)

The Election Commission had planned to use the indelible ink after it was raised by the Opposition.

However, a few days before polling day on March 8, the plan was scrapped by the commission, citing concerns over sabotage.

Syed Hamid said three investigation papers had been opened under Section 420 or 511 of the Penal Code by the Commercial Crimes Division.

“The police report was lodged by a few individuals who were concerned over the use of the indelible ink as it can be easily obtained in Thailand. (Who are these few individuals? Why aren't they charged for distrupting a democratic process and creating chaos? At least charge them for duping the IGP... mana IGP ngan Pengarah SPR nak letak muka... got duped like a bunch of losers... :r)

“They were worried that certain groups with interest would abuse the indelible ink ruling during the general election,” he said.
(Source: The Star)... read it here.

Enough said... those who were involved are making a mockery of the democratic process and the Rakyat. Let God have mercy on their souls...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Walk with RPK

They never do learn do they? Today... RPK (Raja Petra Kamarudin) of Malaysia Today is being ordered to court... all because his writing "Let's send the Altantuya murderers to hell" was deemed seditious. You can read it here. Donations are being gathered for RPK's bail which already being set by the courts at RM5k. RPK refuse to pay bail!!! Right so... and for that he is sent to Sungai Buloh for detention. For latest updates.. go here.

What the hell is seditious in the writing... I don't know. If they want to shut this guy up... this is not they way. This is why my Canadian friend says that Malaysia is a Police State... even his children does not want to visit him while he is in Malaysia... they met in Thailand and seriously... I can't blame them. The system is being abused right to the core. Nobody knows where the police report were and who filed the report. Even news reports on NTV7 sounds doggy... 'RPK is being held by police because of his blog about Rosmah'?... youtube here. Huh :o now cannot talk about Rosmah anymore eh? She is now being elevated to 'Voldermort Club' I see. This episode is a joke and I guess Malaysia is the laughing stock of the world now eh... we Malaysians seriously don't need this.

My great grandfather was a policeman... my grandfather was a policeman... now I know why my grandfather's children were never encourage to join. Salute you Grand Dad.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Just like Dad always said...

Just to quote from TDM's blog... Dr Mahathir Mohamad: A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia. This is like what my father always said... and I totally agree with both of them. We must have a strong government that also hears opposition views... particularly views that is beneficial to the country.

The situation Malaysia is in right now really shows that Pak Lah is not fit to lead the country. I lost count on the flip-flop decisions the government had made under his leadership. Take note Pak Lah... you cannot please everybody... you end up like this :o or this :#.

Oh I miss the Mahathir years... there... I've said it... those were the wonderful years :d. Some may not agree with me but compare to Pak Lah (who said he listens... yeah listens but do nothing... probably :s) TDM did the country good and he act swiftly for the good of the country. Now I sounded like a supporter of TDM :p... thank God for that... imagine if I sounded like a supporter for Pak Lah :o... that sucks.

Finally... TDM is blogging

I always wonder why he didn't blog before... well finally he does. I have include his blog site on my 'Blogs I Click' sidebar... so have a look here... he has nearly 200k visitors now... :o See... if you are famous... your blog will have more visitors... compared to my blog... :c

Now we will be able to read all his thoughts more easily... this is one more headache for Pak Lah... I think Tun will reach a million visitors in a click of a time... wonder what will the public response be like if Pak Lah blogs... :r If he did an Ali Rustam-no-comments-blog (not worth to put his link)... then it will be :s I guess.

Speaking of leaders... read about YAB Lim Guan Eng taking economy class to travel by plane... you can read it here... as reported by Ning Baizura's manager on his blog. Talk about walking the walk... this guy really and truely a leader that truely earns my respect... YAB Tok Guru Hadi Awang also travels using economy class last time he was Chief Minister if it worth mentioning... (if there were blogs at that time... sure saham Tok Guru naik punya :D ). If this is the style Pakatan Rakyat is managing the state... BN will have a tough time taking back Penang I can tell you that.