Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whoa... long time not blogging...

Its been a long time... 3 weeks of not blogging. Just been busy with work. While not busy with work... too tired to blog.

Heard that things are not good for most of Pak Lah's lackies in their UMNO branch and division election. Hahaha... serve you right. Come on UMNO grassroots... kick Pak Lah out before he does more damage to the country we love. Hell... you keep him up there... there might be no more Malaysia... I might as well pack my bags and go to the Manchester, UK and work for Manchester United.

Talking about Pak Lah... don't think his strategy of unsettling PAS works... more now... UMNO is unsettle. Well at first the talk of PAS-UMNO power sharing did unsettle PAS but you don't play-play with season politician like Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Do you think PAS people are stupid? You can fool certain people in PAS... the young Nasharudin... tsk... tsk... tsk... Nasharudin... WTF are you trying to do? Talking to UMNO people while knowing before they were hell bent trying to wipe you out of Malaysia for good. Remember 'Zero Opposition' campaign? You can't fool Tok Guru.

Leave the talking to Tok Guru... now he passes the ball back to Pak Lah. Now he propose UMNO and PAS dissolve and built a new party with Islam (not Islam Had...hari) as the core. Pak Lah now becomes lame duck again... no response what so ever. See... Pak Lah only gonna use PAS for his political milage... nothing else. Do not believe this 'Pembohong Tegar' guy. He is only good giving lip services. Reading his generals response on Tok Guru suggestion shows that UMNO is not sincere. Zahid Hamidi, Tajol Rosli, Adnan Yaakob responses makes me want to laugh my guts out... really... do they think PAS people are that stupid?

Anyway... I'll be actively blogging once my heavy work load finishes. For PAS people out there... don't be fooled by the UMNO-PAS talk. It is just political spinning for Pak Lah's political milage. Lucky Tok Guru Nik Aziz checkmate his move.

PAS will not join UMNO... nobody wants UMNO anyway... they should join PAS if they are sincere enough. Say Tak Nak to UMNO... even Tun Dr. Mahathir is not in UMNO now... why should everybody else?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Apologists... apa tu? Oh... Ass Kissers...

Read Tun Dr. Mahathir's new posting The Apologists. Really... I didn't know what Tun meant by apologist until the end of the posting.

Ass kissers... awat tak khabaq awai-awai. Well Tun... you were surrounded by these people when you were the UMNO President. Now Pak Lah is surrounded by these kind of people. But the ones surrounding Pak Lah is different from yours. They like kissing asses and they have no balls... serious... the keris waving rhetoric acts as a diversion so that nobody notice that they are a bunch of wussies... with yet again... no balls. As an extra cover... they do this... the classic ass kisser secret hand shake...Tak ingat brader ni... siap amik bau. Amacam... ada bau kari ke kurma..?

Inside UMNO Supreme Council and the Cabinet, Tun never gets the overall support as strong as Pak Lah's. Well Tun... you didn't do this last time while you are PM...Ass kissers with no balls are afraid of this stance... 'The Death Finger'. I heard if you get the 'finger'... no post and no job... how to eat? Master this 'finger'... and you get full support... from ass-kissers-with-no-balls ;) .

3 million hits in two months... going strong Tun... going strong. Not bad for an ex-dictator-blogger ;) . You... dictator..? Sorry Tun... you are not qualified.

MAS... lambat tul...

I am currently trying to book a flight using Malaysia Airlines online booking. You know what... it is damn slow. Bloody hell... I am also booking another flight through Air Asia... it finished way long time ago... I even have time to go for a pee.The online booking sucks. The website sucks... takes a long time to load. Takes a long process to do your booking. Tsk... tsk... tsk... you have a lot to learn from Air Asia's website my friend... a lot to learn.

Fed - Ex lost the Wimbledon final...

I must admit... I am a Federer fan. The legend mantle of Sampras was passed to him... Mr. Fed-Ex.

Federer.. chasing his 6th consecutive Wimbledon title... his 13th Grand Slam title. Nadal no different... he will be the first man since Bjorn Borg in 1980 to win both the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year. Records will be broken no matter who wins this final.

I wish I had watched the match... they said it is one of the best; if not THE best final in history of Wimbledon. It lasted nearly 5 hours... Federer vs Nadal... it always provide fire. But it was not Federer's day. Nadal won 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7. Look at the score... That is truely a great match.

Felt sorry for Federer... but hey... he will be stronger. He will break records. We will going to see the sort of rivalry like McEnroe-Borg, Becker-Edberg and Agassi-Sampras. Tennis is indeed going to be colorful with these two guys around.

Read more of the match in The Sun here.

Monday, July 07, 2008

'King' Eric has a stadium named after him...

Well... well... haven't heard about Cantona for years. Well... I know he is an actor and coaching beach soccer but he is relatively quiet now in the football news (to the Yanks out there... its football... not soccer... kapishh).

To all the younger ones... This is Eric Cantona... before Ronaldo... before Beckham... he was the King... before him it was King Denis.

Manchester United without him playing... never won the Premiership. He only missed 1 penalty with Man United... only 1... it beat the keeper but not the crossbar!!! The most coolest player in the United team... hey... Man United jersey must have collar during his time... Else how can you explain this...
The stadium is in the French town of Tignes where French champions Lyon train at the facility, as do the French national team.

Bloggers on Strike... dah lama dah...

You all might notice that I haven't been blogging for quite some time. Its just not worth it to give my two sen on Malaysia politics (well... two sen... not much eh). And I see other prominent bloggers doing just that... to name a few...

Rocky's 'Malaysian bloggers on strike'
Marina Mahathir's 'I think I'll just go on strike'
Jeff Ooi's 'VMY 2008'

This current situation... not good for the country. Malaysian Politics = SARKAS. Look... the whole world is in recession... inflation is getting higher. What are our leaders doing..? Fighting for power... throwing allegations after another. Pak Lah..? Tak boleh harap... bloody useless. You are running this country to the ground... are you awake aaa uncle? Take heed of Tun's Malaysia and a World in Turmoil advice. The people are feeling the pinch... the poor and middle class (well.. the rich are getting richer). Do something... for crying out loud.

Now for the parties who are involved in the allegations of murder and ass playing. Stop and take heed of this advice from the Mufti of Perlis... Mubahalah agar umat tidak berbalah. You guys are Muslims... take the muslim way of solving things. Have faith in God's way. Tok Guru Nik Aziz concurs with the idea. So the question to Anwar, Saiful, Najib, Rosmah, Raja Petra and others who are involved... when? What is there to hide if you are innocent? So... pretty please with sugar on top... just do it and let God give you justice. Simple isn't it?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nikon D700... nice...

Nikon has just announced the will be introduced D700 DSLR... just read it on my favourite camera review site You can read about it here. For hands-on review... here. Look at this beauty... (err to my wife... you are still my no.1 beauty.)
Just looking at this picture (from makes me go gaga... tangkap leleh siot.
Perhaps the worst kept secret of any recent announcement Nikon has now officially revealed the compact, professional, twelve megapixel, full-frame (FX format) Nikon D700. From the outside the D700 is virtually identical to the D300, albeit for its larger 'full frame' viewfinder, internally it's almost identical to the D3, except for a slightly slower shutter (five frames per second up to eight frames per second with the MB-D10 battery grip). By comparison it also includes several function improvements over the D3 including Image Sensor cleaning ('sensor shake'), more flexible 'hard button' programming, virtual horizon in Live View and different DX mode indication on the focusing screen. The D700 also becomes the first professional Nikon DSLR to sport a built-in flash. As far as competition is concerned the D700 really only faces the Canon EOS 5D (and any replacement that may be in the works). On sale in July for US$2999 or €2599 body only -
Now... have to wait how Canon will respond. For me the deterrence is the price of the camera. Compared to the 5D which only cost around US$1500... that is a lot of difference in $$$. Already my friend who owns D300 is cursing like hell... claiming this announcement as a conspiracy of the highest level... (no relation with DSAI claim of conspiracy). But I don't care... this thing is a must have for me... the thing is... where to get US$2999... huhuhu. Must... resist... temptation to go to Tabung Haji... must resist. Bila aku nak naik haji kalau camni... hehehe.