Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Always the last minute.

Well... it is the end of April... the end of income tax month. I usually finished submitting my tax returns 2 weeks before the dateline but this year is a bit busy with new job and not to mention... a new kid. Thank God there is e-filing... the government initiative that permits you to submit your tax calculations online. Easy huh... well it should be... if you remember the bloody password. :@

This tax thingy is... once a year... how the heck can I remember a once-in-a-year password? I was cracking my brain trying to remember the password... but end up putting up the wrong password (I was damn sure it was correct) :#. The system permits up to 3 tries but I end up using all of them... but hey... when you use all of your password 'lifeline'.. the system permits you to choose a series of questions which will give you the password if you answer the question correctly. You know... the "what is your mother's name" kind of question.

So I thought I was saved... hey... who doesn't remember their mother's name? Swear to God Mama... I'd spelled your name correctly... 4 times!!! But still could not get the right answer and finally... I was blocked by the system... which told me to call the toll-free line or the Inland Revenue office to get my e-filing account alive and kicking again. Yeah right... after 10 times calling the bloody number... you got a machine sounding woman asking you to dial 1 for Bahasa, 2 for English. After choosing the language I like the operator to speak... 'machine' woman asked me to hold as the operators were busy. Waited for like 5 minutes and at last I was connected to the operator. It was actually easy to change the password... they asked your name and IC no and presto... you can change the password (talk about security... huh). I was finally in.... not quite... I was using Firefox browser... a no go for this e-filing thingy... have to use IE :o Bloody hell... filled up my tax form and ready to submit... finally... :y my misery is over... yeah right... the server was down... too much traffic. :# Bloody Malaysians... always the last minute :@

Well.. which is why I am posting this blog at 0230... haha... finished submitting my tax returns... and me wife too. E-filing... easy peasy... just remember your password and do it after midnight... else... its bloody pain in the arse. ;)

Glory... Glory... Man United :D

All of this.. from a simple hobby

From a simple hobby of making model airplanes and flying radio controlled models... some of these guys make their dream becoming a reality. This bugger really flies... and it works too! 7 weeks of hard work (18 hours a day work)... all to make Malaysia proud. Hope more Malaysians will be roped in... this is one technology that we can catch up... Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You think you got the time...

You think you have some free time... that is when you have an idea... Why don't I start a blog. I have plenty of time.. work is not that time demanding... yeah.. I'll start to blog.

Lo and be hold... after I started my blog, I've been busy with work. Plus I can't update my blog in the office (can't seem to be able to sign in). Since my last posting, I've got plenty to write in here but can't seem to find the time.

My new born baby is at home now. No more breathing complications. But whoa... the medical bill took my breath away. So have to tighten the belt for a couple of months. Haven't downloaded the pictures from my camera.. so no pictures for now.

One last thing.. read in the papers that every UMNO leader will need to have a blog or else down you go. Errr.. since I have a blog... can I apply for the President post ;).. can aa Pak Lah?

Monday, April 07, 2008

I have a new addition to the family

Today, 07:12H... my 3rd kid is born. She is my second daughter. The delivery went well without complication.. maybe because the kid is normal sized (3.2 kg). Both mom and the baby are fine... well... the baby is being monitored for breathing difficulties. Not that serious.. but I could not find the proper word for it. As for right now... she is making progress. Stay strong Xara.. abah, mama, your brother and sister loves you.

Will add pictures later... right now I need my sleep. After repainting my bedroom wall yesterday (yeah right... why on earth did I paint the wall when the baby is due anytime soon is anybody guess)... I really need to some shut eye.

Cheers and thank you for all the congratulations and cigars :D

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I have watched this thousand of times!!!

I've watched this thousand of times... never occurred to me there is something sarcastic. P.Ramlee is a genius.. Tabik Tan Sri!!!