Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whoa... long time not blogging...

Its been a long time... 3 weeks of not blogging. Just been busy with work. While not busy with work... too tired to blog.

Heard that things are not good for most of Pak Lah's lackies in their UMNO branch and division election. Hahaha... serve you right. Come on UMNO grassroots... kick Pak Lah out before he does more damage to the country we love. Hell... you keep him up there... there might be no more Malaysia... I might as well pack my bags and go to the Manchester, UK and work for Manchester United.

Talking about Pak Lah... don't think his strategy of unsettling PAS works... more now... UMNO is unsettle. Well at first the talk of PAS-UMNO power sharing did unsettle PAS but you don't play-play with season politician like Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Do you think PAS people are stupid? You can fool certain people in PAS... the young Nasharudin... tsk... tsk... tsk... Nasharudin... WTF are you trying to do? Talking to UMNO people while knowing before they were hell bent trying to wipe you out of Malaysia for good. Remember 'Zero Opposition' campaign? You can't fool Tok Guru.

Leave the talking to Tok Guru... now he passes the ball back to Pak Lah. Now he propose UMNO and PAS dissolve and built a new party with Islam (not Islam Had...hari) as the core. Pak Lah now becomes lame duck again... no response what so ever. See... Pak Lah only gonna use PAS for his political milage... nothing else. Do not believe this 'Pembohong Tegar' guy. He is only good giving lip services. Reading his generals response on Tok Guru suggestion shows that UMNO is not sincere. Zahid Hamidi, Tajol Rosli, Adnan Yaakob responses makes me want to laugh my guts out... really... do they think PAS people are that stupid?

Anyway... I'll be actively blogging once my heavy work load finishes. For PAS people out there... don't be fooled by the UMNO-PAS talk. It is just political spinning for Pak Lah's political milage. Lucky Tok Guru Nik Aziz checkmate his move.

PAS will not join UMNO... nobody wants UMNO anyway... they should join PAS if they are sincere enough. Say Tak Nak to UMNO... even Tun Dr. Mahathir is not in UMNO now... why should everybody else?


Equalizer said...

Rite on bro wasap..why shud anybody join UMNO wen Tun Dr M is no longer an UMNO..heheheheh..tapi if PLah turun Tun Dr.M masuk UMNO balik semua leh join UMNO le ekk....

Selamat blogging kembali bro..

Anonymous said...

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