Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool...

Its April Fool's day today... and normally in the UK, the papers will publish some prank news or report just for the fun of it. And normally this is the day where I read the papers just to find what ingenious idea they come up for this year. I just love the way they pull the prank news.. some of them are really believable and they are getting better at it every year. Only in the UK... call it British humour :D .

I only manage to read The Metro (also The Sun in the Internet) but could not spot any unusually news can can be considered a prank... but I spotted this advert in the news paper.

Its from BMW...And I found the article in BMW's website...
Magnetic Tow Technology

BMW’s award-winning EfficientDynamics programme has been taken to the next level with the announcement of an innovative fuel and emissions saving system called Magnetic Tow Technology (MTT). In a bid to retain its World Green Car of the Year crown, BMW will launch MTT across its range today.

The unique system, developed in conjunction with NASA, works via a discreet unit located in the front valance that projects an enhanced magnetic beam 20 metres in front of the BMW. Once a suitable target car is located and the BMW is magnetically locked on behind it, the driver is then able to take his foot off the accelerator, turn off the engine and let the car in front do all the work. The towing car will not notice any change in manoeuvrability.

The BMW driver can unhook from the towing car at any time by depressing the clutch pedal to start the vehicle. This is the same method used to operate the existing Start Stop system. Drivers of automatic transmission BMWs need only move the lever into the ‘D’ position to continue on their way. Early research indicates that MTT could save as much as 30 per cent in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Gurus from BMW’s in-house driving etiquette guide suggest flashing the car in front and giving a friendly hand gesture to thank them for the free ride.

BMW’s Head of Innovation, Dr Noitt All, a specialist in Kinetic Ride And Propulsion, said: “BMW has always been a leader in the application of the very latest automotive technology. Up until now the EfficientDynamics programme has looked at ways of improving the performance of our own products, but we thought why burn your own fuel when you can burn someone else’s?”

The 56-year-old boffin promised more to come from his innovation workshop but in the meantime recommended people email his colleague to be kept abreast of further developments.

For more product information please call 0800 777 119.
Can you spot the prank? I was sure it was a prank all because the email they gave... uve.vollenvorit which sounds like 'you've fallen for it'... geddit? :D The name of the Head of Innovation also sounds funny... Dr. Noitt All... hahaha... 'know it all'.

Apparently BMW have been publishing April Fools advert for years... and they are quite funny and believable... read more here.

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~al-Barq~ said...

hahahahahaha...... "you've fallen for it"... who knows some people might've fallen for it. I guess you need to increase your common sense during April Fools. WAHAHAHAHHAHA