Monday, April 07, 2008

I have a new addition to the family

Today, 07:12H... my 3rd kid is born. She is my second daughter. The delivery went well without complication.. maybe because the kid is normal sized (3.2 kg). Both mom and the baby are fine... well... the baby is being monitored for breathing difficulties. Not that serious.. but I could not find the proper word for it. As for right now... she is making progress. Stay strong Xara.. abah, mama, your brother and sister loves you.

Will add pictures later... right now I need my sleep. After repainting my bedroom wall yesterday (yeah right... why on earth did I paint the wall when the baby is due anytime soon is anybody guess)... I really need to some shut eye.

Cheers and thank you for all the congratulations and cigars :D

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and the flash too.