Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You think you got the time...

You think you have some free time... that is when you have an idea... Why don't I start a blog. I have plenty of time.. work is not that time demanding... yeah.. I'll start to blog.

Lo and be hold... after I started my blog, I've been busy with work. Plus I can't update my blog in the office (can't seem to be able to sign in). Since my last posting, I've got plenty to write in here but can't seem to find the time.

My new born baby is at home now. No more breathing complications. But whoa... the medical bill took my breath away. So have to tighten the belt for a couple of months. Haven't downloaded the pictures from my camera.. so no pictures for now.

One last thing.. read in the papers that every UMNO leader will need to have a blog or else down you go. Errr.. since I have a blog... can I apply for the President post ;).. can aa Pak Lah?

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