Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama... first black US President...

Change has come to the US as they elected Barack Obama as their first black President. The dream of Martin Luther King finally came true. Who have thought that the US will have a black President. Well... there goes all the black president jokes.

Barack Obama won millions of the US voters hearts not just by his cool charisma and unflappy style but also a well calculated campaign through the use of the internet and new technology thus getting his message to all his voters especially the young, susceptible-to-change voters. This is what happen to Malaysia where Pakatan Rakyat used the internet to get their message through to voters. Conclusion.... internet rules..!

Wouldn't have dreamed of a black US President but hey... if you have the will and guts... anything is possible. The US is truly the land where hopes and dreams can become a reality. Will Malaysia have a non-Malay PM? I like to think yes but not in this century. We are not ready yet... not as mature as the US... it took them over 200 years to have a black President.

As I watched the news of the newly elected 44th President of the United States of America... one thing becomes apparent. The US people really wanted a change. Why? There is no mention of the 43rd President any where in the news during and after the campaign... nada... zero... Bush who? They really want to forget his gun-ho cowboy years as President.

I wonder if Malaysia's 5th PM will suffer the same fate... what is that guys name? Pak Lah who?

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