Monday, January 05, 2009

Hands off IJN...

Are the people in the government deaf? Are they so desperate... so full of greed that they are now behaving like the devil's incarnate and might I say behaving just like the Zionist attacking Gaza right now. Get your dirty hands of IJN. It is built for the people... not meant to be a commercial institute but a centre of research, a premier academic institute as said so here. Even the grand daddy of privatisation disagrees.

It seems that the EPU is very insistent in the privatisation while MOF oppose it (read here). Tsk... tsk... EPU is under the PM Department which will only pinpoint to Pak Lah. Enough is enough... this PM is truly destroying the foundations of this country. Is this one of your unfinished work you must do before you step down? The RM400 million is truly mouth watering... 7 keturunan tak habis makan eh?

Stop justifying this privatisation by saying that this will benefit the people... that the welfare of the people will be taken care of. Do they think we are dumb? To commercialize IJN means that it will become a company and becomes a business. And business is all about making money... where is the welfare in that? Stop the lies.. stop this crap. Leave IJN alone... and leave now Pak Lah.

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