Sunday, February 08, 2009

Daulat Tuanku...

I am supporting this campaign. I am absolutely angry with all the bullshit that is coming out in Perak... truly disgusted. When the Rulers decides with you... you are full of praises but when the decision is against you... you starting to wave your middle fingers.

The Perak MB really disappoints me. You leave it to the Sultan to decide but defy him when his decision goes against you. Apa ni? I thought he was better than this. I thought PAS is better than this.

This event really shows the true nature of Pakatan Rakyat.... still a loose coalition, full of low quality 'wakil rakyat' especially from PKR. Please la... don't follow Anwar's tactics blindly... tak habis-habis nak demo. Stop blaming the Sultan... for God sake... he was the Lord President before... jangan main-main daa... itu Karpal Singh duduk diam-diam aaaa. Just accept that you have lost. It is a small battle lost... you still could win the war. Use common sense le...

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