Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KJ won the UMNO Youth Chief post...

Khairy Jamaluddin won the UMNO Youth Chief post... polling in 304 votes out of 793. Khir Toyo came second while Mukhriz Mahathir; the favourite in terms of nominations, came last. Shows that KJ won because Mukhriz votes were split with Khir Toyo's.

I am sure the result will be the talking point for this week. Even when I check my Facebook, comments about KJ popping up like crazy. And almost all are not so kind. It will be interesting to read the analysis of this result.. what will KJ's supporters and also his detractors say. Surely his supporters will hail him while his detractors will definately have some unkind words for him.

Will he be a minister in Najib's cabinet soon? Normally Youth Chief will be appointed a junior minister post like Youth and Sports Ministry. Only Najib has the answer...

And on another note.. Sharizat Jalil won the Wanita Chief post.. beating her mentor Rafidah Aziz. Well... for me she deserves to win. Rafidah has over stayed her welcome... she should have passed the baton long time ago... perfect example that its really hard to relinquish power once you have tasted it. Bye bye Rafidah... now go take care of your cucu.

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