Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manchester United... Champions of English Premiership je...

It was heart breaking but to lost to Barca... no shame to that. Man United did took the fight to Barca head-on for the first 10 minutes but lost the plot when out of the blue... Barca scored through Eto'. The reliable Vidic suddenly lost concentration and Eto' managed to out smart him.

Look... the only way to outplay Barca is to play like Chelsea played them. Very tight defence and hit them through counter attack. I surely think Sir Alex realize this but hey... this is the final and you don't want to see a boring game where one team is doing all the attacking and the other team but a bus in front of the goal.

Some say Sir Alex got the tactics wrong... I disagree with that... Sir Alex got it right actually coz for the first 10 minutes... Man United were making Barca sweat. The only thing that messed up the tactic is Man United defence. Yes...unfortunately that night... they failed. When Barca got the goal... it was hard for Man United to push more forward.

If I was Sir Alex last night... I straight away substitute Park with Teves and let Rooney, Teves, Ronaldo and Giggs ran havoc while Carrick and Anderson marking Iniesta and Xavi. Not to forget if Fletcher were to play... Anderson would be on the bench. Just wished Rio,Vidic and Carrick played better last night... they lack the concentration I feel... Rio and Vidic for the sloppy goals they conceed and Carrick for not controlling the midfield very well.

But congratulations to Barca... they were playing good that night. Hey... they are my favourite team in the Primera Liga so good for them as they secure a Treble just like Man United did in 1999... the first Spanish team to do so... eat that Real Madrid :D

So... back to the drawing board... huhu... there is always next year... no celebrations in the city of Manchester today... everybody at work sume monyok je... Lucky I got my picture taken with the cup... fuhh.

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