Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hey Karpal... wassap..?

I haven't been blogging for a while... been busy with work and Euro 2008... no time for reading blogs and blogging. Only today I have the chance to read the newspaper... and I read this from the Star:
Give Dr M chance to defend himself, says Karpal

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be given every opportunity to defend himself over the allegations made by High Court Judge Datuk Ian Chin, said DAP chairman Karpal Singh.

In a statement, Karpal Singh said, according to Justice Chin, Dr Mahathir had threatened judges in 1997 to decide in favour of the Government, and had sent judges to boot camp.

He said Justice Chin had made serious allegations against Dr Mahathir during proceedings in an election petition in Sibu.

"However, these allegations have been made by the judge under the cloak of absolute immunity. Justice Chin should not abuse the process of court to make disclosures condemning Dr Mahathir," he added.

He said Justice Chin should be brave enough to make statements against Dr Mahathir bereft of the cloak of absolute immunity to give the former premier an opportunity to take him on in a court of law.

"Dr Mahathir has now made certain allegations against Justice Chin and called for the setting up of a tribunal against him for judicial misconduct."

"There should be no discrimination. The law is no respecter of persons," Karpal Singh said.

He said if Dr Mahathir's allegations had merit, then the necessary action should be taken against Justice Chin.

"Dr Mahathir has every right to pursue the allegations he has made."

Likewise, Karpal Singh said, the Government should not in any way act to give the perception to the public that Dr Mahathir no longer enjoyed the rights of a citizen to demand justice.

This is the first I hear Karpal talk some sense about Tun Dr. Mahathir. I always believe Karpal is allergic to these two words... 'Dr. Mahathir' and 'Islam'. You speak these words to Karpal... he will blurt out words like a madman... making no sense at all... and you sense that these two words will make Karpal's mind go haywire and full of rage. Asal sebut je dua benda ni... mesti Karpal naik 'hantu' punya...

But today... huh..? Wassap Karpal... did you hit your head somewhere last night?

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