Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank you Pak Lah!

I would like to thank the BN Government especially our Prime Minister; Pak Lah... for his 'far-sightedness' in increasing the price of petrol to RM2.70/litre. Because of his actions, I have followed his call to Ubah Gaya Hidup. Now I become a better person... a law abiding citizen. How... you may ask? Here goes:
  1. I have a funny feeling there is now less cars on the road... No? Still... I have to go through traffic jams :@

  2. No more aggressive Schumacher like driving from me. I now drive well below the speed limit. No more high revving my engine above 3000rpm. I am now as slow as a snail.

  3. I tailgate the car in front of me... to reduce drag hence save fuel. I know its dangerous as it would cause an accident if the car suddenly brakes... but the up side is that I train myself to be fully alert while driving. No more looking at hot chicks on the side of the roads :o My reflexes is damn fast now.

  4. I am now learning chemistry... have to learn the formula for making bio diesel. Quite easy to make bio diesel using used vegetable oil :D as shown here, here or here. Problem is my car is all petrol not diesel... duhhh.

  5. I am on verge of quiting smoking... smoking less cigarette than I used to. A box of cigarette can get me two liters of petrol!! That is 28km worth of a journey in my car!!

  6. I am more efficient in calculating things in my mind especially in per liter terms.... everything is now times 2.7 ;) . My math skills is now bloody superb.

  7. I also took up gardening... since all the vegetable prices will go up... better start growing my own vegetables. I would rear livestocks if I got the land... my house garden is only Kancil size... 'sekangkang kera' je... plus I don't want to make a fuss with MPKj. So now studying the hydrophonic processes. You can learn it here.

  8. I am now more patient... banyak sabar beb. Countless of times I feel like swearing and spitting when I see Pak Lah's face or any of his half-past-six cabinet members but... no... stay calm... breathe slow...
So thank you Pak Lah... Thank you very very much. And normally when people say thank you, they also say bye bye... so hopefully... in December (if UMNOputras got balls)... bye bye Pak Lah... ;)

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Ahmed Razman said...

datang UK nanti lagi mahal harga rokok.. baik berenti terus.. hehe