Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Berbatov signs for Manchester United...

In a dramatic transfer deadline day, Dimitar Berbatov finally signed for Manchester for a fee of 30.75 million pounds. The striker has signed a 100,000-pounds-per-week four year contract which he admits could have double if he were to choose Manchester City. The Bulgarian will play in the no. 9 shirt and admits he is ready to show what he is made of in the famous red shirt by proclaiming it is his time

It was a rather crazy transfer dateline with the talk of the day was the transfer of Robinho from Real Madrid to Manchester City. Yes... Man City... the Manchester Blue side football club. They were bought over by a Abu Dhabi consortium that is so rich... Abramovic looks like a kid with a piggy bank in comparison. Their aim... to finish top four of the Premiership this season... take the title in 2009-2010 season and a Champions League champion within three years.

See..? With big money you can dream big. The news that they snap Robinho after agreeing with Real Madrid price of 32.5 million pounds really drown the news of Berbatov's transfer. Man City are now a force to be reckon with as they are now willing to spend big money on players. They even wanted to buy Berbatov and value him at 60 million pounds... see below of their fantasy team as portrait by The Sun.Crazy... but as I will be living in Manchester for a couple of years... this is good :D . The Premiership trophy will never leave Manchester :D .

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