Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its high time for Pak Lah to step down... Undur Lah...

If you still have some dignity left... resign please Pak Lah aka PM in distress. I don't know what is playing inside the thick skull of yours. I don't know how you manage to carry on meeting the public with the thick face of yours. Two of your lieutenants (well not exactly lieutenants... but you get my drift) have spoken... directly or indirectly... resign gracefully now or face being remove. Your plan of handing over power in 2010 is not feasible and undemocratic. Hell... you think that the UMNO presidency is like a harta pusaka?... can be handed over to your favorite person? MT only endorse your proposal but it is up to the grassroots to decide who should lead. Please take note below:
“Article 9(3) of the party Constitution says that the party president, deputy president and all supreme council members have to be decided by the members,”
Najib is being a gentlemen by asking indirectly for you to step down now. Najib wants UMNO delegates to decide. Can't you read between the lines..? Or are you still bzzzzz..? Thought you have a lot of work to do ;) 

Muhyidin is also a gentlemen... albeit a bit more direct by merely asking you to revise the transition plan. Tak paham-paham lagi ke?

Be a gentlemen and step down gracefully. Your statement of transition plan was a done deal does not hold water. Like I said... read Article 9(3) of the party Constitution. Do you think UMNO is owned by you? I like to quote:
The people do not want us to spend all our time politicking as then there will be no solution to their problems - Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Stay true to your words... stop politicking and step down now... else there will be no solution to the nations problem.

I make you a deal... step down now and I will stop doing this...


Manal said...

Ini sheer patriotism ke ape ni ajimsan? I dont think malaysian political leaders esp those who holds the high-er/-est post would step down that easily unless they are like Tunku Putra who had had a "proper" vision when he made it back in 1970. And it is just harder to do so when ur proteges, potential candidates to replace you arent much of a highly credible bunch too?

ajimsan said...

A good leader listens to the majority of people's sentiments. When it is time for you to go... you go le. Tun Dr. Mahathir shows this last time. Unluckily he left us with Pak Lah.

We have lots of credible leaders that can replace this fella.... you tak nampak sebab majority are not with UMNO kot ;) Having said that... Ku Li sounds nice as UMNO President and PM...

Pak Lah must resign now for the sake of this country... we are being left behind with this fella on the wheels... he steering our country backwards.