Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tun Dr Mahathir needs help...

... to fight Pak Lah. He admits he can't do this without support especially from UMNO. Non of the UMNO leaders shows the desire to act against Pak Lah (except for Ku Li of course). He even call UMNO leaders useless as they are only interested in getting something for themselves but do not care if UMNO and this country are totally destroyed.

He also said that the Opposition will also destroy this country if they win and form the Government. Well... the opposition leader is Anwar so go figure why he said that ;) . But if UMNO leaders do not do anything to act against Pak Lah then Sept 16 will be Pakatan Rakyat's field day. 12 days to go man... we will see if Anwar can deliver. Then we can see the true colors of Anwar with power.

Anyway read Tun's posting WHY DON'T I DO SOMETHING. Resist the urge to paste his posting on my blog because... Tun's blog have reached 6 million visitors. Pak Lah tak nak block ke? Tun gave a hint that they might block his blog as he can't access his internet at home. Well Tun... welcome to Steamyx (did I spell this right? Could not even bother).

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