Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ryne's first day at an English school...

After over a month of coming to the UK, I've finally registered my son to a school. Its a bit far from our house but it is a very good school. All the other schools near to our house are full.

There are plenty of Muslim kids at this school, so they also serve halal food in the canteen... and my son loves the food. He said he ate fish and chips with corn and peas plus he drinks smooties. And I thought he hated corn.

I am glad he is doing okay at school as he was nervous at first. Not to mention the weather today was freezing cold. He said he will have swimming lessons on Friday. He can't remember what he learned today except for history where he learned something about Tudors... hem... I ask him too google it (heard about Tudors but what the hell is it actually..? My guest will be about English royalty).

Next to go to school is my daughter Mia... still could not find her a place as the nurseries are all full. Will have to wait for the January intake... hemm... I'm stuck... can't take a job without finding nurseries for the kids...

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