Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finally... TDM is blogging

I always wonder why he didn't blog before... well finally he does. I have include his blog site on my 'Blogs I Click' sidebar... so have a look here... he has nearly 200k visitors now... :o See... if you are famous... your blog will have more visitors... compared to my blog... :c

Now we will be able to read all his thoughts more easily... this is one more headache for Pak Lah... I think Tun will reach a million visitors in a click of a time... wonder what will the public response be like if Pak Lah blogs... :r If he did an Ali Rustam-no-comments-blog (not worth to put his link)... then it will be :s I guess.

Speaking of leaders... read about YAB Lim Guan Eng taking economy class to travel by plane... you can read it here... as reported by Ning Baizura's manager on his blog. Talk about walking the walk... this guy really and truely a leader that truely earns my respect... YAB Tok Guru Hadi Awang also travels using economy class last time he was Chief Minister if it worth mentioning... (if there were blogs at that time... sure saham Tok Guru naik punya :D ). If this is the style Pakatan Rakyat is managing the state... BN will have a tough time taking back Penang I can tell you that.

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