Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ezam's back in UMNO...

That is the big political news carried by Malaysian newspapers today. You can read the news by The Star here. Don't want to comment on the news much. Don't care anyway whether he is in UMNO member or not... that is not big news. Tun Mahathir is not an UMNO member... now that is news ;) . What I want to comment is the picture displayed... (picture courtesy of The Star).Now it always bugs me... I am talking about the people surrounding Ezam and Pak Lah. I always see this in Malaysia. When something important happens... either announcements by a leader or handing out applications to join BN components... there always will be what I call 'Pak Pacak' surrounding the main players. Who are these jokers?

You all desperate want to be in the papers eh? I always think people at the back there are the ass kissers or 'tukang kipas' in Malay. Its like announcing to the whole world... "Hi... I am this guy ass kisser". See how many can fit the tiny space behind? Unbelievable... :o .

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