Monday, May 12, 2008

Pay your Zakat

I have paid zakat through salary deduction since I started work. That is why I never pay tax as zakat is in lieu of income tax. The reason is simple. It is obligatory for me as a Muslim to pay zakat. And since I want my money to go where it is suppose to go i.e. to the needy and the unfortunate... this is the right thing to do. In this day and age, I don't really feel confident that the tax I pay will go to where it suppose to go... there are too many misuse of our tax money in the present government... so... the present government ain't getting my money.

With zakat money... I feel it will go for good use... hey... Allah have spoken... who ever misused the zakat money... then prepare to feel Allah's wrath. Don't think they will go that far to misuse the money but if they do... may God have mercy on their souls :@

Why am I writing this? It is because of PAY YOUR ZAKAT IN THE FIVE PAKATAN RAKYAT STATES campaign. Read it here. Don't really agree with some of the ideas especially paying zakat to only Pakatan Rakyat states (what about people from other states who are eligible to receive zakat money?). Just do this for Allah... InsyaAllah the money will be well spent... who ever misused it... apa lagi... kita tuntut kat akhirat la... apa susah :D


Anonymous said...

Its a noble gesture and I would applaud anyone who follows in your footsteps.

Its just that I just realised that while I pay taxes for the entire population, muslims get to pay just for muslims.

Anyway, we do what we have to.


ajimsan said...

We'll... we live in Malaysia... until the day comes where full Islamic structure is implemented... then zakat if for muslims and taxes is for the whole population. What to do...?