Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Man United... Double CHAMPIONS!!

Done it again!!! After a long wait... Manchester United wins the Champions League!!! 50 years after the Munich disaster... 9 years after their second Champions League win... they have done it!!! It all came down to penalties... it was nerve racking with Ronaldo missing a penalty... of all the players :o . Thing went brighter when John Terry missed also and United finally seal it when Anelka missed. Sorry Chelsea... your are second best this season... :p Giggs is in the record books... 579 appearances for United... a record than can be proud of... a loyal servant for United.

For Sir Alex, this is his second Champions League Cup... sure there will be more to come. He was so proud of his 'Moscow Marvels'.
“It was such an emotional occasion. I said the day before the game we would not let the memory of the Busby Babes down. We had a cause and people with causes become difficult people to play against. I think fate was playing its hand in the final, even for John Terry slipping over [during the penalty shoot-out].

"Edwin [van der Sar] saving Nicolas Anelka's penalty was not an accident. He knew where certain players were putting the ball, so great credit to him. When it came to the last penalty he used his experience to wait that fraction.

"This was my first victory in penalty shoot-outs, apart from Charity Shields. I lost three with Aberdeen and three with United so it was seventh time lucky!

“I feel very, very proud. With our history, we deserved to get this trophy. But the euphoria evaporates quickly - tomorrow, I’ll be thinking about next season.

"When you win something like this you have to look at the players the following year and make sure the hunger is still there. But the young players who enjoy an experience like they did here will want to do it again. Defending the trophy is not easy but I hope we can do it, the players here are good enough."
Here are some quotes from the players. For some players it was the first time, for others it was the second occasion... for all, winning the European Cup is a magical moment.

Cristiano Ronaldo
"We showed this season that we are the best team in Europe and in England and it’s a great feeling. Next season we will try to do the same. I feel very proud. It means everything to me - it is the happiest day of my life."

Nemanja Vidic
"The game against Manchester City [which marked the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash] was very disappointing. But I think we made up for it in Moscow and by winning the league. We gave the fans what they wanted."

Ryan Giggs
"Well, maybe it’s fate. It’s 50 years since the Busby Babes died at Munich, 40 years from first winning it in 1968. That might be it... fate."

Edwin van der Sar
"Of course, nights like this are what you dream of. It’s been 13 years – a long time – since I last won the competition and it feels fantastic, especially in the way we won it. Saving the last penalty... I don't have any words for it. What can I say? It's great."

Rio Ferdinand
"I said before the game that you’re only really considered a great player at this club when you win the Champions League. A lot of top players have played for United, but becoming a European champion sets you apart from others."

Wayne Rooney
"I hope we can win it again. Doing it this year has given us a taste for it and we want to do well again next season. We’ve got some great young players in the squad mixed with experience, so hopefully we can do well again."

Michael Carrick
"When you take a penalty you’ve got to have the belief in yourself that you’re going to score and obviously hope for the best! You know there is always someone who’s going to have to miss and you pray it’s not you."

Carlos Tevez
"It has been a long time since I felt like this - it's a huge emotion in my heart. When I was a child, I never thought I would be now lifting the cup, but dreams usually come true and I am very, very happy."

Perfect closing for the season... the best Manchester United team under Sir Alex. Third Champions League title. Champions of the Premier League... Champions of Europe! I am ecstatic... I am going to work... mamak..! Kopi takde gula satu! Got to stay awake... got meeting this morning... hahaha. This is the best day of my life (after my wedding day and the birth of my kids of course ;) ).

Glory... Glory... Man United... Double CHAMPION!!!

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