Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim MP...

Never thought he would be back into the Parliament... but after ten years absent, he is now back. Anwar won the Permatang Pauh by-election. In The STAR... PKR claims that Anwar won by a majority of 17,652. Read here for full report.

Like it or not... Anwar is 'King' in Permatang Pauh. Did BN give a good fight? I don't think so. With all the character assassination campaign going on... BN was actually digging their own grave. People actually became more 'meluat' towards BN. Then came Khairy with his wild claims... making the grave even deeper. Yo Khairy... people are getting sick of you since the last GE... which part of 'meluat' don't you understand? Duduk rumah lain kali. Just like the father in law... syok sendiri.

Seriously... if BN thinks they could win in Permatang Pauh... they are truly living in BolehLah Land. The target of reducing Anwar's majority baffles me... who cares about reduce majority..? Anwar still wins.

Hopefully with Anwar in Parliament... there will be more serious governing from the Government. And we can see if Anwar can deliver what he promises come 16th September... if the liwat case did not get to him first.

Speaking of the liwat case... I am still baffled on why Anwar refuse to mubahalah. What is it that he is afraid of?

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Conspiracy Theorist said...

bro AjimSan,

heheh,..wat can I say,..he is afraid of God..(,")

SAY NO TO NWO!! SAY BYE TO AnWar!!he's lucky he can still spin d scenario wth d present of ust Ramlang Porigi..