Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fuel price review...

This was in The Star yesterday.
Govt to review fuel prices every 15 days

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has agreed to review fuel prices every 15 days instead of every month, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan.

He said with this, the Government would be able to further reduce fuel prices if global oil prices continued to drop.

Ka Chuan, who said he proposed the review period, said the decision was made during a Cabinet meeting on Friday.

“If this down trend of oil prices continue, we want to be able to make sure we can ease the burden of the rakyat by lowering fuel prices,” he told a press conference after attending the Utar Seventh Convocation ceremony, where he presented some 500 graduates with their accolades.

He said the mechanism, however, would take into consideration oil prices within a 15-day period and then only determine whether any reduction was viable.

Ka Chuan said it did not necessarily mean that fuel prices would drop if global oil prices went down.

He said global oil prices could fluctuate significantly within the 15-day period, making it hard to make a “guarantee” to reduce fuel prices.

He said the Government would have to take into consideration the extent of the drop or increase in prices before making a decision.

“Rest assured, however, petrol prices would never exceed RM2.70 a litre if global oil prices increase again,” he said.  Yeah right... with a flop flop leader like Pak Lah... can you believe him?

Ka Chuan, who is also MCA secretary-general also stressed that the 15-sen reduction in fuel prices was not made to woo voters in the Permatang Pauh by-election on Aug 26.Hehehe... anything helps dude... your target is to reduce Anwar's majority right? I recall the government want to reduce the price in September. It seems that Pak Lah is his usual self... lying to the public. Nak naik harga tipu... turun harga pun tipu gak ke? Eh... bukan tipu... surprise eh ;)  

He said the move was made after considering fuel prices between Aug 1 and Aug 21.
Hemmm... I'll expect every 15 days,the fuel stations will be either empty like this...(picture taken from The Star) or full like this (picture taken from Utusan)...
Only in Malaysia dude... only in Malaysia. 'Entertainment' every 15 days... brought to you by the Malaysian flip flop government.

Anyway... at least our burden is reduced by fifteen sen... Anwar promised fifty sen reduction... but fifty... fifteen sounds similar... no? ;) 

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