Monday, August 11, 2008

Apa mau cerita...

Read that blogger Bakaq was released from police custody in Rocky Bru's posting. Bakaq was apologetic about posting the rendered police crest but still stands by the contents of his posting. Bakaq quote:
"I would like to say that I regret putting the crest there. It was wrong, a stupid mistake. I would like to tender my sincere apology to the whole police force.

"I defended and still defend what I wrote but since the first moment they hauled me in, I've said without any reservation that I regretted having copied-and-pasted the image." - Taken from Rocky Bru
Alhamdulillah... Bakaq is safe and the police treated him well. Good job that the police maintain their professionalism... although I still question his arrest under Sedation Act... especially when we know know that Bakaq was arrested because of his posting which features the rendered police crest.

Anyway... things are back to normal and I'll do miss Bakaq writings as now he has no computer and modem... hence no new postings in his blog.
On another note... can you believe that I missed the Charity Shield between Manchester United and Portsmouth. Didn't realize that the Premier League is going to start any week now... God... forgot that I need to update my Yahoo Fantasy Football Team. Yup... this time around... I am going to concentrate on the fantasy league since I'll be unemployed. Yup... I am jobless for the first time in my working life. Pretty scary thought for me but I am taking it easy... step by step and assessing what to do. So you guys out there.. watch Little Green Men... they are the team to beat.. hehehe.

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