Thursday, August 07, 2008

Penarik Beca arrested...

One of my favourite blogger, Penarik Beca was arrested last night at his home. The arrest was done under the Sedition Act. Read more from Kickdefella in Penarik Beca in Police Custody.
Today is not a good day. I am coughing like a dog... got up late because lack of sleep (because of the cough)... got into massive traffic jam because of the bloody roadblocks the police have errect... just because they are charging Anwar for the sodomy case. Why roadblocks..? It's anybody's guess... but for me its shows police stupidity (the police superiors)... no offence to the lower ranking ones... korang pun sure menyampah buat roadblock ni... tengok muka pun tau.

And then this arrest news... under Sedition Act... really makes my blood boil. Don't know what is seditious in Bakaq's writings... his last writing was about Rafidah's proposal of power transfer to her deputy Sharizat... he commented that it does not goes well with the Wanita UMNO's grassroot... does not look democratic at all. Nothing seditious at all.

I guess he got arrested because of his second last posting. You all can read the last two postings 'Sentuhan kecundang' here and 'Hukuman ke atas kaki rasuah' here.

No cheers for today... the country is really going down the drain... all because of this guy... he is really under distress. That is why I am displaying this...

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