Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guide to Fantasy Footie...

I have been playing Yahoo UK Fantasy Football for ages. Been playing with me friends in our own little league. Last season was the worst as my team ended the season last in the league.

This season they change the layout of the website. It more interactive and much more easier to navigate... I like tis new format. They also added a blog section which really helps in giving tips on players and latest news. Check them out here. They give good reviews.. really. Also helpful site is the PhysioRoom.com which details the injury list for all Premiership teams. Sometimes not that accurate... but it helps. Don't want to choose an injured player... huh.

The rules haven't change... which is good. Because of that, I tend to play the 3-4-3 formation or the 3-5-2 formation. Players who score goals or assist will be given more points hence less the defender you have the better. Also try to choose defenders which plays as wingbacks or provide crosses as they will be involve in attacking more (hence more points). Defenders who scores often does help.

Check out for new signings in the league as they are cheap when they enter the system. Remember you only got 100 million to spend on 11 players so cheap players who scores plenty does help. With players like Ronaldo who is valued at 27.09 million... it really helps. BTW... you guys must be out of your mind to get Ronaldo with this bloody-out-of-this-world-price... he is injured for God sake... won't be playing till end of September I heard.

So... join in... try to see if you are a real footie manager... put your footie knowledge to the test. It is fun... and if you play with friends in your own little league... you got bragging rights if you are the champion... :D . Try a beat me team... Little Green Men. With me unemployed and staying in the UK... me got an upperhand... hehehe.

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